Release Notes - KOGs: Quest - 0.409.7

  • Ahoy, Space Explorers!

    Prepare your starships and rally your crew because we’ve got an interstellar treasure trove of updates for you! Dive into the cosmos and discover the latest enhancements to your favorite match-3 RPG adventure. Here’s what’s new:

    🛠 Account Stability Restored: The black hole of account resets has been sealed. Your progress is safe and sound, captain!

    🌌 Blockchain Connection Alert: Added a handy popup to warn you when the blockchain connections are as unstable as a pirate on a spacewalk. Endpoints are out of our control but this will improve your sanity.

    📚 New Galactic Tutorial: A brand-new tutorial has been launched to guide fresh recruits through the vast universe of space exploration, piracy, and NFT collecting. Perfect for new shipmates!

    🐛 Life Token Bug Exterminated: We've squashed the pesky life token bug. The proper amount will reflect if you play on multiple devices.

    🐾 Pet NFT Bonus Activated: Your loyal VALT Companions are now recognized! Collect and deploy your pet NFTs for added in-game XP bonuses.

    🌐 VPN Issue Resolved: Navigating the interstellar network is now smoother. VPN-related disruptions have been fixed for a seamless journey.

    💳 Wallet Address Update Fixed: Updating your wallet address is now as smooth as gliding through a nebula. No more hiccups in managing your loot!

    🎨 General UI/UX Enhancements: We've polished the control panels and streamlined your interface for a more immersive spacefaring experience. Explore the cosmos with ease!

    Set your course for adventure and enjoy these stellar improvements. The galaxy is yours to conquer!

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