Release Notes - RFOX VALT Client - Build 135

This release may not be as big as 131 but the KOGs pets will more than make up for it!

🏆 Leaderboards: The Plasma leaderboard is now located next to the mirror in Q5, check your progress when you enter the VALT



🐶 New KOGs Pets: VALT's ecosystem becomes even more vibrant with the introduction of new KOGs Quest pet varieties. With this update users can now spawn their common KOGs Quest Pets to explore the VAL, adding depth and variety to the pet collection aspect of the game. 


🐾 Aura Particles for Foil Version: The visual appeal of the Foiled KOGs Quest Pets has been significantly enhanced with the addition of Aura particles. This update, potentially referred to as the "Aura" effect brings a dazzling new dimension to these already sought-after items. 

Lastly, we have continued to work on performance fixes and load handing for a smoother experience. Enjoy!




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