Release Notes - RFOX VALT Client - Build 131

🚀 Unveiling the Future: Exciting New Features in the latest VALT Build 131

The VALT metaverse is on the brink of a transformative evolution, introducing a suite of ground breaking features designed to enhance your digital experience.

From the introduction of leaderboards to the much-anticipated Plasma Experience Points (XP), the VALT universe is expanding in exciting new directions.

Let's dive into the future of the metaverse and explore what these updates mean for you.

🏆 Leaderboards: Community Recognition and Competition

First up, we’ve got leaderboards! Yes, you heard that right.

Now, all your hard work and skill aren’t just for bragging rights in the chat. Whether you’re racking up Plasma Experience Points (XP) by finding Chests in Qua5ar or winning a game of RaSNIA:FEAR, we’re putting your achievements up in lights.

It’s all about climbing to the top, getting that recognition, and, of course, a bit of friendly competition.


⚡️ Plasma: Experience Points System Unlocking New Features

Next, we’re introducing Plasma – our shiny new XP system. Think of it as your all-access pass to cool rewards and a way to show off how much of a VALT veteran you are.

From snagging in-game assets to future rewards, Plasma’s got you covered. And the best part? It’s all about what you do in the VALT, so get ready to rack up those points.

🔮 Plasma Lore:

PLASMA, within the RFOX VALT universe, is intrinsically tied to the central lore of The Light. Discovered as a by-product of research into The Light's properties, PLASMA is a unique substance that significantly enhances the emission and storage of the blue light – a phenomenon central to the existence and functioning of the VALT civilizations.

🎁 Treasure Hunt, Anyone? Reward Chests Await!

Intricately linked with Plasma XP and leaderboards, reward chests introduce a thrilling element of discovery.

These chests, differentiated by color to signify their exclusivity, not only incentivize daily engagement but also encourage users to claim rewards only reserved for those holding CitiXens NFTs.

By integrating token gating, we will be able to offer a tailored experience that rewards commitment and fosters a sense of community among NFT holders from other communities in the future.


🎮 Plasma XP Rewards in RaSNIA:FEAR

And because we can’t get enough of the good stuff, check out the RaSNIA:FEAR with your friends. The winner who finds the Apremort Diamond and escape the cursed castle first will get Plasma XP as a reward!

🐾 VALT Companions

For those who love fluffy (or scaly) companions, VALT Companions are here!

From the charming Scarlet Sentinel to the elusive Crystal Guardian, your Plasma XP or your status as a CitiXen or OG CitiXen holder opens the path to these companions. 

Showcase your supremacy and companion collection in the VALT, and enrich your metaverse journey with these delightful allies.

Plain FoXes.jpg

🌟 And That’s Not All...

Your trusty pets will now follow you wherever you go in the VALT, making every journey a shared adventure. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for dynamic billboards in Qua5ar for the latest updates.

We’ve also tuned up the engine for a smoother, faster VALT experience.

We have also added Avaturn, photo-realistic Avatars. Please visit to set yours up!

Imagine creating a digital twin that’s as unique as you, bringing a whole new level of personalization to your VALT adventures. This is just a taste of what’s to come, so stay tuned!


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