Release Notes - RFOX VALT Client - Build 104

🚀 They are here! 🌟

We know you've been eagerly waiting, and we're thrilled to unveil these amazing enhancements in our latest release! 🎉 While it may not be as extensive as build 99, these updates are sure to leave an impression. Let's dive in!

🌆 Skybox Publishing: Elevate your apartment customization game with our incredible Skybox updates! These are the cherries on top of apartment customisation that you've been waiting for. 🍒

🌟 Introducing Your CitiXens: Get ready for a mind-blowing experience! You can now bring your very own CitiXens to life in the Metaverse. But that's not all – we've made significant quality and size improvements to these marvellous 3D avatars since the sneak peek.

🚧 Please Note: CitiXens are a work in progress, and we're committed to making them even more spectacular as VALT continues to evolve. While there may be a few imperfections here and there, worry not – we'll be quietly fixing them in the background while you are enjoying them.

🏞️ Save and Share Your Skybox: Your creativity knows no bounds with this feature! Now, your skybox creations will be neatly stored in your inventory and can be accessed anywhere skyboxes are implemented.


🌈 Coming Soon: Keep an eye out for upcoming favourite and delete options. We're working on bringing these to you in the near future.

👫 Impress your Apartment Guests: Take your apartment customization to the next level by showcasing your saved skybox to your guests. Make your space truly unique and themed just the way you like it!

Get ready to explore these incredible updates and watch your virtual world come to life like never before. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and stay tuned for more thrilling features on the horizon! 🚀🌌

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