Data Deletion Policy for RFOX ID

1. Introduction
This Data Deletion Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for the deletion of user data in RFOX ID. We take data privacy and security seriously and are committed to ensuring that user data is handled in compliance with applicable data protection laws.

2. Scope
This policy applies to all personal data processed by RFOX ID and covers the deletion of such data upon request from users or as part of routine data management processes.

3. Data Deletion Request Process
3.1. Submission of Deletion Request
Users who wish to have their data deleted from RFOX ID must submit a formal deletion request. Deletion requests are accepted through Users can create a ticket with the subject “Account Deletion” to initiate the deletion process.

3.2. Ticket Requirements
To process a deletion request, the ticket must include the following information:
User's full name
User's email address associated with the account
A clear statement of the data to be deleted
A ticket subject of “Account Deletion”

3.3. Ticket Verification
Upon receiving a deletion request ticket, the RFOX ID team will verify the ticket's authenticity and completeness. This verification is essential to ensure that the request is valid and coming from the account owner or authorized personnel.

4. Data Deletion Process
4.1. Confirmation of Deletion Request
Once a deletion request is verified and approved, the user will receive a confirmation message through RFOX Support, acknowledging their request.

4.2. Data Identification
The RFOX ID team will identify and locate the user's data within the system. This may include data stored in our backend services or any associated databases.

4.3. Data Deletion
The identified user data will be permanently and securely deleted from RFOX's systems. This process will be carried out in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

4.4. Confirmation of Deletion
Upon successful deletion of the user's data, the RFOX ID team will provide a confirmation message through RFOX Support, informing the user that their data has been deleted.

5. Data Retention
RFOX ID will retain user data for the minimum period required by applicable laws and regulations. Once this retention period has expired, data will be routinely deleted as part of data management processes.

6. Review and Audit
This Data Deletion Policy will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure compliance with evolving data protection laws and industry standards. Periodic audits of data deletion processes will be conducted to verify compliance and effectiveness.

7. Contact Information
For any questions, concerns, or requests related to data deletion, users and authorized personnel can contact RFOX at


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