Release Notes - RFOX VALT Client - Build 95

This update is huge so buckle up!


Quarter Zone has been rebuilt to accommodate new backend servers, this allowed us to improve the following;

  • Avatar movement is now smoother
  • Avatars can sit on chairs and stools
  • Custom Avatars can be brought into the Arcade as opposed to the generic robots
  • Beer Pong mechanics have been rebuilt which means a smoother and more consistent experience

Rasnia FEAR

FEAR has undergone a similar makeover to the Arcade and has been rebuilt. The changes are less obvious, they include;

  • New Multi-player and voice engine
  • Smoother gameplay
  • Faster loading and unloading times


SLAM has had the same changes as FEAR, expect a smoother and faster loading experience


Apartments have had a renovation, check out the following

  • You can now publish your texture changes so everyone can see them, invite your friends and show off your new décor
  • Load your favourite NFTs in your space and show them off to visitors
  • General improvements to loading times and movement
  • Demo apartments are back! The last lift in the lobby will allow you to visit any of the apartment deigns and customise them

Jumping and Crouching

That’s right, you can now jump by pressing the B button (B stands for Boo Yeah!) in VR and crouch by pressing the right joystick in. There are a lot of uses for this, explore the VALT from a different perspective


This is a very early preview of the companion functionality in the VALT. You can spawn your pet by clicking on the “Spawn Pet” button in the Terminal Menu. There is still a lot of work to do in quality and functionality but this little fella will follow you around and be your new best friend

VALT Web App

There are a heap of changes, go to to check them out. They include;

  • NFT display assignment
  • PIN number creation, keep it to yourself or share it with friends and family
  • Name your apartment for easy identification
  • Much more coming, watch this space!


We have some sample CitiXens ready to go which we will turn on over the next few days, you will not have to download a new update, they will just appear at the login screen when ready. Personal CitiXens will follow very shortly after

Feature Toggling

We can now add features to builds and turn them on and off without having to push a new build, why?

  • This allows us to try experimental features for a period of time
  • Token gating, we can turn events on and off and allow for ticketed entry to districts
  • Plus a lot more!

Backend Changes

This is the biggest change of all but maybe not the most obvious, we have worked for the past couple of months on rebuilding our backend servers to bring you the smoothest experience and allow for scalability and flexibility. What will you see?

  • Faster load times
  • Much more capacity per space
  • Improved voice quality
  • Improved performance
  • Much more flexibility on what we can offer and build

We have been working day and night to bring this huge update to you and couldn’t be more exited to share it. We have spent many hours testing and are happy with the performance and quality but please keep in mind that almost every line of code has been touched so there may be a new issue here or there, if you find any, please let us know at


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