Transferring WAX NFTs from RFOX ID v1.0

This content provides the steps on how to transfer your WAX NFTs from RFOX ID v.1.0. Refer to  Transferring KOGs NFTs from RFOX ID if you you want to transfer KOGs NFTs.

KOGs assets are whitelisted in the app, while other WAX NFTs are not. Because of this, your other WAX NFTs are not visible in the app. 

Disclaimer: After the 19th of July 2023, all accounts that have not transferred their WAX NFT or Tokens out of their RFOX ID V1 wallet will need to connect to NFTHive to access their assets and transfer them out as they see fit.

Individuals who have not transferred their RFOX ID V1 Assets by the 19th of July will then need to contact NFTHive if they face any issues in future.

Follow these steps on how to transfer WAX NFTs from RFOX ID v1.0 through NFTHive:

  1. Go to

  2. Click Log in
  3. Select ORE ID Wallet

  4. Select the login method that you used in the RFOX ID app before. Example, you created the RFOX ID with Google before, so please select Google again here. Same logic for the other methods.

  5. After successful login, on the top right of the NFT Hive, you can see your oreID account. Click on it and select Inventory.

  6. Select the NFTs you need to transfer

  7. Select Transfer

  8. Input the receiver of the NFTs

  9. Click Transfer
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