What can I do with Apartments?

Owning an RFOX VALT apartment offers a range of exciting possibilities and immersive experiences in the evolving virtual world. It allows you to shape your virtual living space and actively participate in the evolving metaverse community.

Here are some of benefits of owning an RFOX VALT Apartment:

  • Advanced AI Integrations
    Take advantage of cutting-edge AI technology to enhance your creativity, productivity, and convenience. Use AI as your creative assistant to design your interior surfaces and create art. Utilize the OpenAI integration for personal assistance, content creation and more. As the technology progresses, your Apartment will integrate with even more AI services.
  • Socialize with Friends
    Invite your friends to your Apartment and host virtual parties. Hang out and explore the virtual world together.
  • Personalization and Customization
    Unleash your creativity by personalizing and customizing your Apartment. Use Unity or 3D software to create assets, mint them as NFTs, and integrate them into your Apartment.
  • Smart Functionalities
    Enjoy the convenience of voice and gesture control to adjust sound and lighting, live translation services and more.
  • Live Streaming
    Stream from your Apartment to Social Media platforms and share your virtual world with friends and followers.
  • Free CitiXen NFT
    Each Apartment NFT comes with a complimentary CitiXen Pod that will reveal into one of 8700 unique CitiXens. These metaverse-ready Avatars come equipped with governance rights, staking abilities, and IP rights. View the CitiXens collection here: https://opensea.io/collection/citixens
  • Governance Voting Rights
    Ownership of an Apartment NFT grants you governance rights, giving you a seat at the table when it comes to decisions about the design and development of the RFOX VALT. Use your NFT to vote on proposals and shape the future of the platform.
  • Marketplace
    Buy and sell assets for your Apartment on the RFOX VALT marketplace. Find new wallpapers, furniture, and other items to personalize your Apartments.
  • Display your NFTs
    Show off your NFT collection by exhibiting them in your Apartment.

For more information, you can read our blog: "Perks of Owning an AI-Integrated Apartment".



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