What can I do with my CitiXen?

CitiXens is an exclusive collection of 10,000 avatars serving as the foundation of RFOX VALT's civilization. Among them, 1,300 OG CitiXens have premium features and rarity. Each CitiXen belongs to a metaverse quarter, granting holders benefits like IP rights, governance, NFT staking, and future privileges for active participation and creative opportunities in RFOX VALT.

Here are some of the things that you can do with your CitiXen:

  • VR-Enabled Avatars in 2D and 3D
    You get access to the 2D and 3D files of your game-ready rigged avatar to do whatever you want.
  • Full Ownership of IP Rights
    By owning a CitiXen, you own the digital art or image attached to the CitiXen in its full form whether 2D or 3D (Art). This means that you own the full intellectual property rights to the Art, which entitles you to either use the Art for personal or commercial benefits.
  • NFT Staking
    CitiXens NFT holders will be eligible for staking.
  • Governance and Voting Rights
    Every CitiXen has voting rights for decisions in the quarter they are from. Every OG CitiXen has double voting power. Your vote in the metaverse will help make awesome stuff happen in your virtual space.
  • Eligibility for KOGs Mint Lab
    CitiXens can be used to mint new NFTs in the form of KOGs through the KOGs Mint Lab. These KOGs can be used in RFOX games such as KOGs: SLAM! and more.
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