Creating a Choob

Choobing is a way for you to stake a proper combination of KOGs and Slammers that qualifies as a set. Check out to learn more about qualifying sets for choobing. 

Here are the steps

  1. Go to and login your WAX Cloud Wallet
  2. Click on the KOGs that you want to create a Choob with. You can only create a Choob once it is completely filled

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the NFTs you want to CHOOB. Keep clicking the "show more" button if you have a large collection or simply use the filter on the left sidebar.

    After clicking on 2 of the matching items you’re CHOOBing up, the portal automatically begins counting and assembling the set.

  4. Keep clicking on KOGs or Slammers until the set is complete. Once you reach the set’s target number, hit the CREATE TUBE button.

  5. Pay the 5 WAXP tokens Choobing fee.

    Do note that creating a Choob requires CPU resource from the WAX ecosystem, if you encounter an error, you will need to stake more WAX on your CPU resource at

  6. Freshly minted Choobs appear in your inventory shortly after approving transactions.


Do I keep the Choob whenever I trade it's contents?

No, the Choob will be opened automatically whenever you trade its contents. 

This also applies to Choob staking events as well. 




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