Checking if the game has sent the KOGs purchased or Arena rewards to your wallet

  • Under your account on ORE id here), you will be able to see something like this:


  • Breakdown for each of the data:
    • TX – shows the transaction ID
    • Date – when the transaction happened
    • Action – Usually shows either “Receive Token” or “Send Token”
    • Data – shows the specifics of the transactions
      • Asset_ids – under here, you will see the KOGs’ asset ID that you received. Can show multiple items which means you are received multiple KOGs
      • From – should say “kogsslamgame”
      • Memo – should see one of these whenever something was bought from the shop or arena reward has been credited to the account:
        • SLAM Pack (9 KOGs)
          SLAM Starter Pack (40KOGs)
          SLAM Mini Pack (3 KOGs)
          Common Arena Topper
          Uncommon Arena Topper
          Rare Arena Topper
          Ultra Rare KOG Arena Topper
          Rare Slammer Arena
          Ultra Rare Slammer Arena
          Random SLAM! KOG
      • To – your RFOX ID wax address should be listed here


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