How to migrate your RFOX or VFOX to JUC

 1. Unlock your wallet, you will need to connect your Metamask, Coinbase or other wallets.



2. Click Approve and Sign transaction in your wallet.


3. Select which tokens you would like to migrate. We have RFOX on ETH and BSC, and VFOX on BSC.

4. Enter the amount you would like to migrate; you will see the equivalent amount in JUC. Note that this is a one-way migration.

$RFOX to JUICE ($JUC) will be migrated at 1:1

$VFOX to JUICE ($JUC) will be migrated at 1:20




5. Click Migrate and Sign transaction in your wallet.

6. Once this transaction is confirmed, our system will initiate the migration process for RFOX or VFOX. This process may take up to an hour to complete. Once finished, a claim button will be enabled, allowing you to claim and receive JUC in your wallet.



After you claim it successfully, the status will be changed to Claimed and you can see its transaction details in blockchain.

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